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The Effect of Innovative Computer Simulation Instruction on Students’ Academic performance in Abstract Concepts in Science (Published)

This study investigated the effect of innovative computer simulated instruction on students’ academic performance in abstract concepts in science. The study adopted quasi-experimental research with pre-test and post-test before and after the treatment respectively. A total of 155 students participated in the study. The experimental group were taught using innovative computer simulated instructional mode while the control group were taught using conventional lecture method. An instrument named Science Concepts Achievement Test (SCAT) was employed to generate data. The data obtained were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics to answer the research questions and test the hypotheses respectively. The study reveals that, simulation enhanced students learning of abstract concepts than the use of conventional lecture method. Results also revealed that, gender did not influence students’ academic performance in abstract science concepts significantly when taught with computer simulation. The study therefore recommend based on the finding of this study that, Science teachers should integrate innovative simulation into their instructional modes especially when teaching abstract concepts. There should be in-service training for science teachers on development and how to access appropriate computer simulations for their lessons. The stereotype superiority of male in learning science should be discarded and both sexes should be equally encourage to learn Science.

Keywords: academic performance and abstract concepts in science., computer simulation, innovative instruction