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The research focuses on the problem of the deterioration of natural pastures in the western region of Iraq ( Anbar province ), which threatened to drop the preparation of livestock, then dropped the average per capita share of the preparation of the animals, where the absolute number of total kinds of animals in (1986) about ( 12176 ) million head to reach in (2008) about (12093 ) head million negative compound growth rate ( 0.03% ) while the increased absolute numbers the population doubled during the same period , the growth rate of a compound rate of ( 3.15 % ). As reflected lower average per capita share of the total number of animals ( head / capita) from (0.75 ) to ( 0.37) for the years 1986 and 2008, respectively, and then down the average per capita red meat ability ( kg / year ) for a period of ( 1999-2010 ) ranged between ( 2.347 and 5.104 ) kg/ year, and those quantities are a few percentage as recommended by the World Food Program, where the estimated need of the individual annual animal protein , including at least ( 12.7 ) kg, and this of course confirms that the production of red meat does not meet domestic demand.The number of holdings in Anbar province, about ( 10200 ) estimated the area ( 25464 ) acres, accounted for ( 9.59 % ) of the total area of natural pastures in Iraq. In the wet area was pastoral area of land suffering from severe deterioration and the average (about 1784 square kilometers), accounted for a quarter of the total area for the pastures of the region. Said research on the importance of conducting surveys of the natural vegetation in natural pastures in the western region, especially those that are unaffordable for the climatic conditions difficult, as well as the planting before the rainy season to give the largest possible opportunity for the growth of seedlings planted and the election of varieties new plants with high resistance to drought its example forks Sham.



Keywords: Absolute food security, Natural pastures, Relative food security