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Fetus-Abortion: Is It Violating Human Rights (Published)

Abortion today is a burning issue. The question related to it was raised by Feminists – whether a woman has right over her body or not? A fetus is developed within the body of a woman hence the concept of abortion is related with the notion of feminism closely. It is moral to use if the life of the mother is in danger. But one can illegally use this medical process to abort only female child (female infanticide). Thus there is high chance to misuse this medical tool. However in this present dissertation I want to focus on the question of abortion from the point of view of human rights. 

Keywords: Abortion, Female Infanticide, Feminism, Fetus., Human Rights

Socio-cultural Attitudes of Igbomina Tribe toward Marriage and Abortion in Osun and Kwara States of Nigeria (Published)

Abortion has been a social menace and its assessment depended on one’s socio-legal views. Past scholars had concluded that abortion is either a felony or homicide; there is no known empirical study on socio-cultural implications of abortion to marriage in Igbomina tribe in Nigeria. Questionnaire was administered to 1036 respondents, 108 in-depth interviews were conducted and 156 Focus Group Discussions were held. Most (99.8%) respondents were not involved in abortion because 81.2% described induced abortion as a taboo. Majority (78.3%) respondents have seen more than forty women who died from miscarriage in traditional shrines and 59.7% passed through one-miscarriage or pregnancy complications but denied access to abortion. Any form of abortion resulted in marriage divorce, banned from eating natural foods, married outside the clan or total debarred from entry the land. The study found that only positive counseling, informational and educative services could bring about attitudinal change.


Keywords: Abortion, Igbomina tribe, Marriage, Socio-cultural, attitude