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Youtube on Utilization of Information on Contagious Diseases by Medical Students in Teaching Hospitals in Abia and Imo States (Published)

Medical students in teaching hospitals in Abia and Imo States are believed not to be influenced by YouTube on utilization of information on contagious diseases. To reveal whether they receive information on contagious diseases through YouTube is the bases for this study. The survey research method was adopted to investigate a total population of 709 medical students of the two teaching hospitals in Abia and Imo States respectively. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data for the research. Information were provided for the students to ascertain their level of agreement and the result shows that YouTube provides medical students with  information on the pattern of the infection/ spread, information on how to avoid contacting an infection, It gives them news on outbreak of contagious diseases and others. The paper therefore concludes that YouTube influences medical student’s utilization of information on contagious diseases.

Keywords: Abia State, Contagious, Diseases, Imo State, Information, Medical Students, Utilization, YouTube

Determinants of Food Security in Female-Headed Households Involved In Individual Tenure System in Abia State, Southeast Nigeria (Published)

This study on determinants of food security in male and female-headed households involved in individual tenure system in Abia State, Southeast Nigeria was carried out to determine the quantities of cassava demanded and supplied by gender in individual tenure systems in the area and identifying the factors affecting food security of female-headed cassava-based farming households under individual tenure system. A multi-stage random sampling technique was adopted for this study while data were collected through primary sources. The sample size consists of male and female headed households for individual tenure respectively making a total of 234 cassava farming household respondents. Descriptive statistics as well as multiple regression technique were employed in analyzing the field data. Male headed households demanded and supplied more cassava tubers than the female headed households. Again, quantity of cassava tubers demanded were higher than that supplied in male headed households than their female counterparts. Results show that farm income, farm size, farming experience, membership of co-operative organisation, access to credit, extension contact and extent of produce commercialization were factors that affect food security among female headed households involved in Individual Land Tenure System. Land policies should be aimed at making land free for female headed farm households for farming.

Keywords: Abia State, Food Security, Tenure system