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Tear of Down Trodden People of Gimbi Districts under the Umberella of the Central Governement from 1941 To 1991 (Published)

This study deals with tear and down trodden people of Gimbi districts under the umbrella of the central government from 1941 to 1991.The people of the Oromo have a long life span of administration under Gada system in the Oromia in general and Gimbi Districts in particular. The objectives of the study is, first, the wonderful administration of the Oromo was declined by the cooperation of the central government and petty regional rulers; second, the contribution of the abba lafa, missilane, woreda and zonal level for the central government dispersed Gada practice. The conglomeration of peasants, students, military, drivers and teachers should brought slogan: land to the tiller under the Derg’s regime.  The Derg exacerbated farmers of Gimbi saying: zemecha, peasants have to farm qudad land to the central government, and forcefully ordered farmers to live together by the name of villegization. There were many forces which became sabotage for the Derg as a county level. As Gimbi Districts, Oromo Liberation Front became a headache for the Derg. While  qaruutee, soonii and jajabee  are braches of their mutiny; muraasaa, sagli, buttaa, cibraa, birgeedii and kutaa waraanaa were the structure of the Oromo liberation front of the period. This research is conducted though qualitative method. The research is write down through deep reading of primary and secondary sources as well as comparing it with Oral tradition.

Keywords: Gada system, Gimbi districts, Oromo, abbaa lafaa.