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21st Century Instruction: Accelerating Students Outcome in Mathematics (Published)

Research reveals that how teachers instruct and these interactions with students are the cornerstone around which to build effective learning. The integration of ICT is becoming more global trend in the 21st century education. The study assessed the improvement of Mathematics instruction in the context of basic education. The very important aimed of the study was to determine the Mathematics performance of the learners in the six skills as per see by the Department of Education using varied strategies, as part of core competencies used in the 21st century skills. Based on the findings and thorough analysis of the study, it can be concluded then that the learners’ performance in Mathematics as to the skills of remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating is very satisfactory. Thus, the outcome has shown a high impact on the learning outcomes of the learners with regards to mathematical comprehension.

Keywords: 21st Century Learning, ICT integration, Instruction, Mathematics Performance