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Improving Learning And Teaching English In Implementing The 2013 English Curriculum At Junior Secondary School (A Case Study At The Public Junior Secondary School 3 Babelan District Bekasi West Java, Indonesia) (Published)

English as one of international communication has been formally taught from the first year of Junior Secondary School (JSS) to university. However, most of JSS students or even Senior Secondary School (SSS) are not able to communicate in English. One of the causes is that the lack of teacher’s proficiency, creativity, innovation, teaching methodology, and little capability to create joyful teaching and learning. This research aims to find out an appropriate approach, method, and technique to improve teaching and learning English in implementing the 2013 English curriculum at JSS. Questionnaire, observation, and interviews were used to get information from purposive respondents of the first year students and teachers. The research reveals that most of the students are not able to speak, read, and write English properly as given in the minimum standard of the needed competence in the 2013 curriculum and the integrated English skill is one of the useful techniques to improve teachers’ English proficiency and their teaching methodology. Teachers are suggested to enhance their teaching strategies to improve students’ skills.

Keywords: 2013 Curriculum, Instructional, Integrated Skills, Teaching and Learning, communication