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Evaluation the Quality parameters of sugar cane and raw sugar samples at season 2017 with reference to (SASTA, 2009) and (ICUMSA, 1994) standards (Published)

The study was conducted in Sudanese Sugar Industries during period at 2017 to aims Evaluation the Quality parameters of sugar cane and raw sugar  samples with reference to (SASTA, 2009) and (ICUMSA,1994) standards. The samples were obtained from all Sudanese Sugar Industries namely, (Kenana, White Nile, Assalaya , Sennar, Guneid  and New Halfa).After that the samples were transferred to the laboratory to assessment the quality parameters of sugar cane which include Weight Kg per ten stalks, length Kg per ten stalks, and nods of cane Kg per ten stalks, Fiber percent of cane%, Moisture content of cane%, Brix of cane (Total dissolved Solids%), Polarization (Pol.) of cane%, Purity of cane%, Reducing sugars of cane juice % and pH of cane. and quality parameters for raw sugar which include Determination of Physiochemical parameters of raw Sugar samples collected from Sudanese Sugar Industries at season 2017: which include colour, Mean Apparatus (M.A), Coefficient of Variation (C.V %), Dust %, Pol %, Purity %, Moisture % and Ash %. and the data were analyzed by using Statistical system  complete randomized design (CRD) and analysis of variance technique by Lest Significant Different Test (LSD) according to Fisher’s LSD method, 2010 at Probability 0.05 Was applied to compare differences between industries. The results It was concluded that the some quality parameter of cane like Brix%, Pol%, Purity%, and Fiber % were satisfactory with quality standard in all Sudanese Sugar Industry, While the moisture % was higher than recommended range in all Industries. It was concluded that the quality parameter of raw Sugar like Moisture % all Industries online with standard except Industries Kenana and Guneid. In case of Ash% all Industries were online with standard. In case of Colour Industries Assalaya and Sennar were lower while the Industries Guneid and New Halfa were higher than satisfactory range. In case of C.V% all Industries were higher than recommended limit. In case of Dust Industries Kenana and White Nile were higher than critical maximum value respectively. In case of Pol% only Assalaya and Sennar was within optional perimeter. In case of Purity% for sugar A the Industries White Nile and Guneid were lower than recommended range. The study recommendations that the Sudanese Sugar Industry needs to establish proper quality assurance laboratories to help in monitoring quality and safety of raw materials and end productions.

Keywords: 1994) standards, 2009) and (ICUMSA, Evaluation, quality parameters of sugar cane and raw sugar, sudanese sugar industry with reference to (SASTA