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Military Activities in Sea in Peacetime (Published)

This article deals with the military activities in sea in peacetime. This problematic issue has to been studied bearing in mind two central contextual factors: firstly, the Great Powers have raced throughout the history to have control over seas to expand their international supremacy; secondly, seas have gained more and more importance as major routes for global trade.

In a legal perspective, we state the attempts to regulate the use of seas that came up in the late of the 20th century with the 1982 Convention for the Law of the Sea, insisting on the will of Great Powers to leave this issue without clear legal mechanisms keen on preserving their interests in sea.

Our study presents, in one hand, the various military activities of seas in peacetime, and in another hand, the International legal procedures set up to rule those activities.



Keywords: 1982 Convention For The Law Of The Sea, Demilitarized Zones., Freedom In High Seas Principle, Innocent Passage Principle, Mass Destruction Weapons, Military Activities