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Optimization Of Βeta-Glucan Extraction from Waste Brewer’s Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Using Autolysis, Enzyme, Ultrasonic And Combined Enzyme – Ultrasonic Treatment (Review Completed - Accepted)

Beta-glucans are complex, high molecular (100 – 200 kDa) polysaccharides, found in the cell wall of many yeasts and cereals. Yeast beta-glucans differ from their cereal counterparts in that they comprise a mixture of beta-1,3- and 1,6-glucans, compared to the cereal derivatives which are a mixture of beta-1,3- and 1,4-glucans. In this study, beta-glucan was prepared from waste beer yeast by enzymatic, ultrasonic and combined method. In the ultrasound-assisted extraction, estimated optimum conditions were as follows: treatment time of 11.91 minutes. Cell disruption yield of beta-glucans has inferior recovery enzyme method. Maximum cell disruption yield by enzyme-ultrasonic is 72.06% at power 28,9w/g.

Keywords: : Β-Glucan, Enzymatic Hydrolysis, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Sonication