Determination of the Ocular Dose and the Energy Budget of the Eye in Relation To Solar Ultraviolet Radiation


Measurements of global ultraviolet irradiance were carried out with Kipp and Zonen CUV5 radiometer. The measurement was done from 17th September 2015, through to 30th December 2015, within University of Ghana campus, located in Accra, Ghana.  The measured ultraviolet irradiances were used to estimate the ocular dose for 27 different days. The result showed that the maximum dose obtained was 1.361 J/cm2 which is 36.1 % higher than the threshold limit value of 1.000 J/cm2. The study also indicated that 44.5 % of the days for which the ocular dose was calculated exceeded the threshold limit and this gain could lead to occurrence ocular diseases.

Keywords: Ocular dose, Ultraviolet irradiance; Radiometer; Threshold limit; maximum dose; ocular diseases

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