Effect of Secondary Radioclimatic Variables on Signal Propagation in Nsukka, Nigeria


This study presents the effects of Radioclimatic variables on signal propagation in Nsukka, Nigeria. The primary Radioclimatic data used in the study include temperature, pressure and humidity or water vapour pressure, while secondary radioclimatic data includes refractivity (N), refractive index (n) and effective earth’s radius (k-factor). The measurements of the primary variables were made at time interval of 30 minutes daily from August 2013 to July 2014. The results obtained show seasonal variation of the temperature and relative humidity. This leads to the increase in the values of radio refractivity and refractive index. The results also, show that the k-factor values for those months were at the range 1.555 – 1.653. This high values of k-factor is an indicator to the possible causes of signal interference in the study area.

Keywords: Nsukka, Refractivity, k-factor, refractive index

Article Review Status: Published

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