In this work, the modified structureless pseudopotential model was used to compute and study the effects of deformation on the electron density parameter, Fermi energy, Fermi wave vector and chemical potential of different metals. The structureless pseudopotential model was modified for deformed metals by first computing the electron density parameter of deformed metals under the application of different strains. The results obtained revealed that increase in deformation (strain) causes an increase in electron gas parameter, decrease in Fermi wave vector, Fermi energy and chemical potential of metals. The effect of deformation on electron gas parameter is more pronounced in simple metals than in transition and noble metals. The effect of deformation on Fermi wave vector depends on the elastic properties of the metals. Unlike simple metals, the Fermi energy and chemical potential of transition and noble metals are highly affected by deformation. The results of this work show the versatility of the structureless pseudopotential formalism in computing not only the properties of metals even that of deformed metals

Keywords: Deformation, Electronic Properties., Metals, Structureless Pseudopotential Formalism

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