Effect of solution concentration on some optical properties of indium oxide doped with SnO2 thin films prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis technique


The aim of this research is to study the role of concentration variations on precursor solution of SnO2 doped In2O3 (In2O3:Sn) thin films which has been prepared by spray pyrolysis technique. The change in doping concentration corresponds to changes observed in the XRD spectra, where crystal orientation of In2O3:SnO2 thin films was (211) and (222). All of the In2O3:SnO2 thin films have kept their sharp ultra violet absorption edge, but the transparency in visible spectra region decreases as the molarities in precursor solution increase. These data prove the capability of spray pyrolysis as a viable technique in preparing TCO materials and so, fully transparent CMOS-like devices.

Keywords: : Indium tin oxide, Optical and Structure properties., Spray pyrolysis

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