Law of universal gravitation and the cosmology


For a long time, because of the complexity of galactic structure and the multiplicity of celestial body motion, the law of universal gravitation has not been applied to a galaxy and the universe as a whole. By using the method of systems analysis, a galaxy is studied as a whole or a mass point that the law of universal gravitation is successfully applied, and it can explain the causes of the elliptical orbit of the planet and El Nino and La Nina. And by putting forward an eternal mode of the universal structure with “ball in a ball”, and then understands the multiple motions of the universe correctly, and obtains that the appearance shape of the universe is a standard large sphere and it is making the uniform rectilinear motion. By the analysis of the problem of the conservation and conversion of the energy in the process of free-fall finds the limitations of classical physics in understanding this problem, and finds there is the same formation mechanism for the solar energy, the Jupiter thermal energy and the geocentric thermal energy, and puts forward that the kinetic energy and the potential energy are the basic forms of the existence of energy in the universe, and the internal energy is a supplementary form of the energy under relatively static conditions, and there are the partition of the kinetic energy levels among the universal structure, and using the theory of activation to explain the chaos phenomenon of the asteroid and the idea of the interface existence of life, and so on.

Keywords: cosmology: theory; celestial mechanics; galaxies: structure; Sun: activity; chaos

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