Antioxidant and Phytochemical Concentration of the Methanol Extract the Leave and Stem of the Two Common Varieties of Mangifera Indica.


Phytochemical and antioxidant concentration was determined two common varieties of the stem, and leaves of Mangifera indica that was collected in the school environment in Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. The plant sample of each variety where labeled based on their Varieties common name (Opioro mango and Sweet mango) and method of extraction. After extraction, they were further concentrated and subjected to antioxidant and phytochemical analysis, which include phenol, flavonoid, saponins, alkaloid and DPPH assay. The result obtain from this study revealed that methanol is an effective method of preparation of plants sample varieties studied and also, plant varieties significantly showed inhibition of the dpph radicals. In comparism among all extract, methanol extract of opioro (MOL) mango leaves was highest in phenol content (7.55±0.077mg/g), methanol extract of sweet mango stem (MSS) revealed high total flavonoid content (309.45±16.99), while methanol extract of opioro mango stem (MOS) showed significant concentration of saponin (40.847±1.276) and these findings support the use of M. indica extracts for pharmaceutical purposes.

Keywords: Mangifera indica, Phytochemical, antioxidant properties

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