Fundamental Law of Binary Plurality of World


The whole World (Universe) develops with branching and balancing of branches. The World, all its objects and phenomena, their parameters are multiple, not one-way manifold, and multi – positive, negative, and neutral, with many intermediate qualities. The space of our existence lies between good and evil, virtue and sins, beauty and disgrace, meaning and meaninglessness, stability and volatility of development. A person would like to see the space being closer to the positive pole, that people were most virtuous, intelligent, and beautiful, with a deep sense of their unique life. However, one-sidedly positive man (with rare exceptions) and World are not exist, except for fairy tales. It seems there is the most fundamental law of binary plurality of World. Perhaps the binary plurality of World, nature and man is their dialectical (i.e. reflecting the most general patterns) property.

Keywords: branching development; binary plurality; law of plurality; human qualities; binary opposi-tions

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