Testate Amoebae (Amoebozoa, Rhizaria) In Terrestrial Mosses: Diversity and Communities Structure (“Zlatni Pyasatsi” Natural Park, North-East Bulgaria)


The specific composition of testate amoebae communities in the terrestrial mosses were studied in the “Zlatni Pyasatsi” Natural Park (North-East Bulgaria). Fifty eight taxa (including species, variaties and forms) belonging to 21 genera of testate amoebae were recorded. Testate amoebae communities are strongly dominated by the species Centropyxis aerophila v. sphagnicola, Plagiopyxis declivis, Euglypha rotunda, Centropyxis aerophila, Phryganella hemisphaerica, Cyclopyxis eurystoma, Trinema enchelys and Corythion dubium, which were found frequently and also presented with the highest relative abundance. The moss-dwelling testacean fauna of “Zlatni Pyasatsi” Natural Park was compared to other areas in Bulgaria. Interest from the ecological point of view represents finding in this study of species Cyphoderia loevis and Psammonobiotus linearis, which has not been reported as inhabitants of terrestrial mosses until now. This is first report for the establishment of the species outside of water biotope.

Keywords: Cyphoderia Loevis, Psammonobiotus Linearis, Terrestrial Mosses, Testate Amoebae

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