Directional and Wayfinding Signage for Takoradi Technical University (Akatakyi Campus)


The paper intended to look for more convenient technology to produce a signage that will create awareness of the new Akatakyi campus of the Takoradi Technical University and also provide functional and efficient direction to people. The research specifically sought to identify suitable landmarks and locations for mounting specific types of signage and directional signs for effective communication at the Akatakyi campus of the Takoradi Technical University. The vibrant growth of the university and the increasing number of the students over the past years has therefore rendered the Effia campus congested hence overstretching the facilities for the university. As a result, the management has acquired one hundred and fifty acres of land for the expansion of the university at the Akatakyi-Ahanta community a suburb of Takoradi to ease congestion on the main campus. The newly Akatakyi campus is intended to accommodate the Faculty of Engineering. It has been observed that most people are not familiar with the location and the program intended to be run at the Akatakyi campus of the university. It is therefore imperative to find ways of creating awareness of the new campus. The descriptive research method was used in the study to identify, describe and document all the data collected. The instruments used in gathering data were conversation, observation and interview. The outcome shows an excellent procedural model with illustrations. It is recommended that the management of Takoradi Technical University management should engaged the researcher and finance this project for the execution of the actual and the standardized sizes. This will help visitors all day to reduce stress hence, to located TTU facilities at ease within Akatakyi campus.

Keywords: Akatakyi campus, directional signage, wayfinding.


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