Teachers and Learners in Vocational Agricultural High Schools Face Challenges: The News from Cameroon,


Challenges in teaching and learning agriculture remain an important and unresolved problem across sub-Saharan Africa. The purpose of this study was to explore the challenges in teaching and learning agriculture in Vocational Agricultural High schools in Cameroon. Using a mixed method descriptive survey research design, data was collected with separate questionnaires for students and teachers. A total of 98 respondents, 18 teachers and 80 students from the 3 existing agricultural high schools were involved. Purposive, proportional and convenience sampling techniques were used to select the respondents. Data collected was analysed using descriptive statistical techniques. Several challenges were identified: inadequate teaching and learning resources, frequent use of teacher-centred teaching methods and the need to improve on training of teachers. Gaining vital insights into the current capacity and capability of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system in Cameroon especially related to the teaching and learning of agriculture and generating evidence needed to inform policy on possible ways of improving TVET delivery in high schools can contribute to the development of a skilled workforce and Cameroons sustainable development. We recommend the putting in place of a comprehensive TVET development policy that will make sure the available resources are well coordinated and distributed while those that are completely absent are purchased and all stakeholders participate in defining the training of teachers and students to ensure quality. This, could result in properly trained youths with directly employable skills, reduce unemployment and poverty, and in consequence, foster sustainable development.

Keywords: Challenges, Educational Policy, Skills Development, Teaching and Learning, agricultural education

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