An Overview of Mobile Application in Business Education Content Delivery among Student of Vocational and Technical Education


This paper examines mobile application in content delivery of Business education. Mobile Learning (M- Learning) as a new concept in the learning process which emphasizes the ability to facilitate the learning process without being tied to a physical location. Specifically, the study assessed devices for mobile learning, concept of Business education and its content, roles and advantages of mobile devices in learning Business education content. The study was conducted at University of Benin, Ugbowo campus, Benin City, Edo State. The population for the study was 140 students of 100level to 400level Vocational and Technical Education Department. Structured questionnaire were used to collect data from the 140 students. Data collected were analysed through content analysis and the Statistical Packages for Social Sciences. Pie chart and histogram were used to present results of quantifiable data. Results shows that students are willing to use the mobile technology in learning process and they have a positive perception and awareness to mobile technologies and will use the elements in mobile technology in learning process to improve their performance and interest in the learning of Business education. It is therefore recommended that teachers should be informed of the importance of Mobile Learning and how it can be used to help students exploit their leisure and change it into productive activity. Facilitators also should be trained on how to produce teaching materials and prepare their courses to suit Mobile Learning.

Keywords: Business Education, Content Delivery, Mobile Application, Student

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