Availability and Utilization of Instructional Facilities for the Teaching of Basic Electricity in Ebonyi State Technical Colleges


This study investigated the availability and utilization of instructional facilities and material for the effective teaching of Basic Electricity in Ebonyi State technical colleges. Two research questions and one hypothesis guided the study. It was a survey research design and the entire population of Basic Electricity technical teachers together with their SSII and SSIII students with a total of 150 were used.  Due to this size of the population no sampling was carried out. Instrument for data collection was a structured and validated questionnaire with a reliability coefficient of stability 0.86. The questionnaire were distributed by hand and also collected back after completion with the help of three research assistants. Frequency counts and percentages were used to answer research question one while mean ratings were used to answer the second research question. The hypothesis was tested with t-test statistics. The findings revealed that many vital facilities and materials are not available while some available ones are not even effectively utilized for the teaching of Basic electricity. It was therefore recommended that all stake-holders should contribute financially and materially to enhance the effective teaching of basic electricity.


Keywords: Availability, Basic Electricity, Instructional Materials, Teaching, Utilization

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