Measures for Planning and Organisation of Wood Processing Activities in Industries to Eliminate Hazards


Many workers in wood processing industries such as furniture industries, veneer and plywood industries could be exposed to high levels of wood dust emanating from wood processing activities which could affect them in carrying out their various operations.The purpose of the study was to investigate the measures for planning and organisation of wood processing activities in industries to eliminate hazards.This study adopted a descriptive survey research design.The population of the study comprised all the 7,110 workers in wood processing industries in South-West Nigeria..Stratified random sampling technique was used to determine the sample of the study. Mean and standard deviation were used to interpret the data and answer the research questions while ANOVA test statistics was used to analyse the hypotheses.12 items were identified as measures for planning of wood processing activities while 13 items were obtained as the measures for organization of wood processing industries in order to remove hazards.There was no significant difference in the mean ratings of engineers, foremen and designers on the measures for planning of wood processing activities in industries to eliminate hazards. Based on the results, it was recommended among others that measures such as the identification of hazards that are associated with wood dust and other substances in wood based industries should guide the workers in planning for processing activities in order to eliminate hazards.

Keywords: Measures, Occupational Exposure, Organization, Planning, Record Keeping, Unseen Hazards

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