Social Studies Teaching Resources in the 21st Century


Social Studies teaching resources have improved overtime since its inception in the 1950s to address the social problems in Nigeria. Classroom activities which was formally centered on the use of blackboards and passed-on notebooks, have graduated to the use of computer based systems such as power points and projectors, e-book reader, to online schooling. This paper identified and discussed Social Studies Teaching Resources in the 21st Century. The paper looked briefly at the concept of Social Studies as an integrated field of study which focuses on man in his environments with view to sensitizing man with the symbiotic relationships between him and his environment. Also went further to discuss deeply on multimedia resources in the 21st century classroom known as iTunes-U which is the current developmental resources for educators to share and gain teaching resources on a global scale. To get access to primary resources and find inspiration for enhancing teaching and learning with technology, that can link social studies teachers to the internet, through the iBook store and App store that can enable social studies teachers to gather materials. This write up also looked at the meaning of instructional materials, types of instructional resources that can be used for the effective teaching Social Studies in the 21st Century

Keywords: 21st Century., Social Studies, Teaching Resources

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