Attitude and Sexual Behaviour of the Residents of Ijebu North Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria on the Awareness of Hiv/Aids


This study sought to find out the Attitude and Sexual Behaviour of the residents of Ijebu North local Government Area of Ogun State towards people living with HIV/AIDS. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. Accident sampling was used to sample 1,520 respondents in the local government. A self developed questionnaire was used as research instrument to sample 1,520 respondents. Simple percentages were used in analyzing the data. The result indicated that 1,520 respondents representing 100%  the entire population were in support of  campaigning  and treatment programme for  HIV/AIDS patients and also ready to encourage HIV/AIDS patients to spend the rest of their lives as loved ones 1328 respondents representing 87.36% of the entire population have changed from their promiscuous life style by being faithful to their sexual partners ,while192 respondents representing 12.64% were  still engaging in promiscuous life style .Majority of the respondents  that constitutes 85 .52%(1300) believed that abstinence remains the best option to avoid the infection while few  respondents representing 14.48%(220) found it difficult to practice abstinence ,in other words they are not afraid of being exposed to HIV/AIDS  It was established that the people of Ijebu North local government have positive attitude towards people living with HIV/ AIDS. And were ready to encourage HIV/AID S patients to spend the rest of their lives as loved ones, the awareness of HIV/AIDS have positively influenced their sexual behaviour with  the opposite sex which made them to abstain from unhealthy sexual behaviours and embrace abstinence to be healthy. It was recommended among others that government and non government agencies should make people aware that HIV/AIDS is real and has no cure up to data. Health personnel should be moving from place to place to enlighten the rural dwellers about HIV/AIDS, and the consequences of exposure to the virus and ways of prevention and control of the infection that, if they are not infected they can be affected in many ways

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Ijebu North, Nigeria, Ogun State., Sexual Behaviour, attitude

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