Leather Dye Pollution and Its Impact on Water Fauna


Effect of two leather dyes Bismarck brown and acid leather brown were investigated on fresh water teleost Cirrhinus mrigala (Ham.) on blood parameter (TEC) with different concentrations as 0.6mg/l, 0.7 mg/l, 0.8 mg/l, 8mg/l, 9mg/l and 10mg/l at different time intervals (24hrs, 48hrs, 96hrs, and 1week) decreasing trend in TEC on exposure to Bismarck brown and acid leather brown were observed. However the effect was more with acid leather brown than Bismarck brown, the value of TEC was 2.46± 0.02 1012/l after  Bismarck brown treatment and 2.49± 0.08 1012/l after acid leather brown treatment. The reduction in TEC may also be due to haemolytic anaemia which characterised by abnormal destruction of erythrocytes

Keywords: Bismarck brown, Cirrhinus Mrigala, Reduction., TEC, acid leather brown, toxic effect

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