A Development of an Ultimate Coil-Eefl Lamp with Wdc ≈ 0 for Green Energy Project by UN


After the study on the confines of the commercial incandescent lamps, we have a conclusion that the both of W-filament and LED lamps have well optimized as the power hungry incandescent lamps. We have studied the FL lamps with the different viewpoints from the established technologies for more than 80 years. We have found that the FL lamps use the Ar gas phase that allows a great potential for the (i) increase in the illuminance (lm, m2) and (ii) the reduction in the consumed electric energy to zero. The high illuminance of the lighted FL lamps comes from the superconductive vacuum between Ar atoms that gives rise to the astronomical high quantum efficiency 3 x 1013 visible photons (m3, s)-1. The lighted Ar gas always contains the CAr that is inactive under the DC electric circuit. We have developed the coil-EEFL lamps that brilliantly light up under the external DC driving circuit. The coil-EEFL lamps in the parallel connection in the vacuum-sealed container can be operated with WDC = 0 that allows the reduction of more than 30 % of the electric power generators on the world.

Keywords: FL Tube, Green Energy, Paris Agreement, Power Consumption, Quantum Efficiency

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