The Political Economy of Piracy in The Gulf of Guinea


This work is a study on the political economy of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. It identifies the various legal and institutional frameworks that have been put in place to control the menace of piracy in the area. It also identifies the challenges of combating piracy and armed robbery at sea in the region. This study examines the trends in piracy and armed robbery at sea and the causes of this menace in the Gulf of Guinea. This study is structured into five chapters; the chapter one covers the general introduction of the study, it gives a general background to the study. Chapter two covers the literature review and theoretical framework of this study; it gives an insight on the theories that relate to the subject matter of the study. Chapter three discusses the legal and institutional framework put in place for combating piracy and armed robbery at sea in the Gulf of Guinea; it discusses the extent to which these legal frameworks have successfully curbed the menace. Chapter four discusses he causes of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and how the presence of each factor affects the economy of the Gulf of Guinea. Chapter five deals with concluding matters like findings and the recommendations, which would serve as additional measures to the fight against piracy and armed robbery at sea. The study adopts the doctrinal approach.


Keywords: Guinea, Political Economy, gulf, piracy

DOI: 10.37745/ijpgem/vol6n13788

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