Entrepreneurship Training and The Management of Small and Medium Scale Service Industries in Imo State


This study investigated the influence of entrepreneurship training on the management of small and medium scale service industries in Imo State. Two research questions guided the study and four null hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study design was descriptive survey. The population of the study consisted of 677 entrepreneurs of small and medium scale service industries in Imo State, out of which 251entrepreneurs were sampled using proportionate random sampling technique. The instrument for data collection was a 20-item validated structured questionnaire with overall reliability coefficient of 0.79 was obtained using Cronbach alpha method.  Data collected were analyzed using mean, standard deviation and t-test. Findings revealed that entrepreneurship training received by entrepreneurial managers strongly influence their staffing but have weak influence on control of employees’ job performance. The study concluded that entrepreneurship training acquired by managers of small and medium scale service industries in Imo State is not sufficient for effective control of their personnel’s job accomplishment. The study recommended among others that; entrepreneurial managers should enroll in coaching classes to develop entrepreneurial skills for effective management of their industries.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship Training, Management, small and medium scale industries

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37745/irjns.13/vol10no1pp.55-64

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