Financial Deficiency Syndrome and Behavior of Low Income Earners in Rural Communities of Rivers State


This study examined the effect of financial deficiency on the behavior of low income earners in rural communities of Rivers State. The objective was to examine how financial deficiency affects the behavior of low income earner. One hundred respondents were selected from the 10 local governments in Rivers State. Questionnaire were designed and administered to the respondents in the local governments. Descriptive analysis and Pearson Product Correlation Coefficient with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences was used as data analysis.  Findings revealed that financial deficiency have positive effect on the behavior of low income earners in rural communities of Rivers State. The study recommends that government should formulate policies that will reduce unemployment in rural communities, the needs to increase public awareness on financial inclusion in the rural communities. Efforts should be advanced by the government to reduce financial exclusion in the rural communities of rivers state and the regulatory authorities should ensure equitable distribution of financial institutions and financial servicing to the rural communities in Rivers State.

Keywords: Rivers State, Rural Communities, behavior of low income earners, financial deficiency syndrome


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