Entrepreneurial Marketing Dimensions and Market Performance of Small and Medium-scaled Enterprises in Niger Delta, Nigeria


Although small and medium enterprises provide diverse employment opportunities and economic growth in the Nigerian economy, entrepreneurial marketing has received little attention in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria in spite of challenges faced by them. The study examined the entrepreneurial marketing dimensions and market performance of small and medium scale enterprises in Delta State. A sample of 245 respondents comprises of owners or managers of SME’s in Warri/Effurun Metropolis were selected for study. Convenience sampling techniques was used to select the sample after the area has been subdivided into zone with quota sampling methods. A survey research design was used to collect data from respondents through the use of questionnaire. Hypothesized relationships between the variables of study were tested using multiple regressions. Findings reveal that all the entrepreneurial marketing dimensions of pro-activeness, opportunity-focused, innovation-oriented, customer intensity, resource leveraging and value creation have significant positive relationship with market performance while risk making have a negative relationship. It is therefore recommended that owners and managers of SME’s should be pro-active, aggressive and innovative in design of strategies towards enhancing market performance in their organization.


Keywords: Entrepreneurial Marketing, Market Performance, Niger-Delta, Nigeria, small and medium-scaled enterprises

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