The Extent to Which Individual and Organizational Factors Influence Performance of Enterprise Based Parastatals in Kenya


This paper sought to determine the extent to which individual and organizational social entrepreneurship factors influence the performance of enterprise based parastatals in Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive research design. The study used 55 enterprise based parastatals with a population of 495 top managers. Using stratified and simple random methods, 432 respondents were randomly selected from amongst the 55 commercially oriented parastatals in Kenya. The respondents comprised of top managers and senior managers from the 55 parastatals. The questionnaire and key informant interview schedule were used to collect data. Secondary data were collected from financial and audited statements. Coefficients between individual and organizational factors and firm performance elements obtained from factor analysis were computed to explore possible strengths and direction of relationships. Binary logistic regression analysis was conducted and this was used to make interpretations and conclusions. The study established a significant relationship between individual and firm /organizational factors and performance of enterprises based parastatals in Kenya. The study recommended that policies be formulated to regulate business in enterprise based parastatals in Kenya.

Keywords: Enterprise Based Parastatals, Firm Performance, Individual Factors, Organizational factors, Social entrepreneurship

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