Striving To Become an Entrepreneurial University to Bridge the Gap between Knowing and Doing: A Study on Al-Zaytoonah Universiy of Jordan


In the age of technology and knowledge communities, labor and capital are no longer considered the main production factors. Knowledge and human capital are becoming exceedingly important in strengthening the economic growth and development. Universities are one of the leading resources for knowledge generation. Research is considered one of the pillars universities rely on promoting its faculty, renewing its license or even gaining international accreditation. With all published researches, a gap between this knowledge and practicing it is becoming increasingly noticeable. This gap is called the Knowing-Doing-Gap. To reduce this gap, researchers and universities worked on setting a framework to ensure that part of the knowledge generated is applied and practiced in the market. Such universities are called “Entrepreneurial Universities”. This paper explores the definition of entrepreneurial universities and the conditions for becoming an entrepreneurial university (on both macro and micro levels). Furthermore, the paper sheds light on the steps taken by Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan striving to become an entrepreneurial university through bridging the gap between knowledge and application. The paper answers the following question: “What steps is Al-Zaytoonah taking to address the knowing-doing-gap?”

Keywords: Entrepreneurial University, Jordan, Knowing Doing Gap, Knowledge, Learning, economic growth

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