Probability and Non-Probability Sampling – an entry point for undergraduate researchers


This paper aims at presenting a practical approach through simple explanations of the different types of sampling techniques for undergraduate, or novel researchers, who might struggle to understand the variations of each technique. Hence, this paper is an entry point to the initial familiarisation of these techniques as it does not limit to present the but also its application in real contexts exemplars. Embedding the explanations in real situations should help the readers to make more sense of each technique whilst helping them in their initial decisions of which technique could be more suited for their studies. The exemplars relate to educational contexts within the country of Malta. However, they can be easily associated with similar educational contexts. In the last section, an application of two non-probability sampling techniques – convenience and voluntary sampling – in a research project about the use of formative assessment during COVID19’s first lockdown will be shared.  

Keywords: non-probability sampling, probability sampling, qualitative research methods, quantitative research methods

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