Personal Goals as an Antecedent to Firm Performance in Small and Medium Enterprises in Eldoret Municipality A Quantitative Analysis Approach


Small and Medium firms generated over half of gross domestic product and employment in all sectors. They are also a major source of innovation in creating new products technologies and services. The main objective of this study was to assess the relationship of personal goals and performance of SMEs. The study adopted explanatory survey study design. A sample of 600 was drawn from a target population of 1200 SMEs in Eldoret Municipal Council, USANi Gish County using simple random technique. The study employed quantitative methods of data collection. Data was collected through the use of questionnaires and interview schedule. The data obtained were analyzed using inferential statistics like (ANOVA), Independent sample t test, Chi square, Pearson product moment correlation and multiple regression methods. The statistical methods were used to assess the relationship between the variable under study. From the study the variable was found to strongly influence performance of SMEs personal goals (r=-035, p>0.01) were positively correlated to the firm performance. The whole Cronchbah reliability was 0.935. From this study findings adjusted (R2 = .665) showed that all the predictors account for 66.5% variation for performance of SMEs. This study contributes to body of knowledge, theory development and further research in performance of SMEs.

Keywords: Firm Performance, Personal Goals, Small and Medium Enterprises

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