The Effects of Peri-Urbanization on Pugu and Kazimzumbwi Forest Reserves, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Although peri-urbanisation seems to be a driving force for city expansion in most cities of the developing world, the unguided nature and rapid rate of growth is increasingly raising a concern over the future sustainability of these cities. Peri-urbanization has been taking place at the expensive of rich agricultural hinterlands and depletion of natural resources. This type of urbanization culminates into conflict between natural resources conservation initiatives and human activities. This paper attempts to analyse the link between peri-urbanization processes and its effects on nearby forest reserves of Pugu and Kazimzumbwi in Dar es Salaam City. Empirical evidence for this paper was captured through analysis of aerial photographs covering a period between 1975 and 2012.  Household interviews covering a total of 150 households were administered in three settlements of Buyuni, Chanika and Masaki. Literature review, focus group discussions, resource mapping were also used to capture population dynamics, quantify types and trends of forest ecosystem services over the period of 37 years. Empirical evidence shows that; while built up area increased from 2.4 to 19.1 percent, overall closed forest decreased by 57 percent within the same period. The decrease in forest cover has been accompanied by the decline in forest ecosystem services namely, the decline in number and type of plant and animal species and drying of water sources. In view of these effects, it has been recommended that the government in collaboration with key stakeholders should engage in developing guidelines for managing peri-urbanization processes and creating community awareness for sustainable development and co-existence of urbanization processes and forest reserves.

Keywords: Dar es Salaam, Forest reserves, Peri-urbanization, Tanzania, ecosystem services

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