Solar energy technology and development in Nigeria is still at its rudimentary stage. The population is very optimistic that solar energy would offer a great alternative to the nation’s overall energy needs. Nigeria is well located within the humid tropics and equatorial axis with abundant sunshine, high radiation intensity, vast open spaces for areal energy capture and great opportunities for solar energy technologies. Experiences from some advanced countries of the world like USA, Australia, Germany and Switzerland indicate that a solar energy plant is capital intensive and requires large areas of capture. Solar energy, as a renewable natural energy resource offers mankind with variety of direct and indirect solar energy technologies. The direct solar energy varieties include photovoltaic and solar thermal, among others, while the indirect solar energy varieties include hydropower, wind power and so on. In general, the country is in great need for solar energy varieties for her domestic, commercial, educational, agricultural and industrial energy needs.

Keywords: Energy Technology, Environment, Nigeria, Solar

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