The Geometric Thinking Levels of Senior High School Students in Ghana


This study was to measure the Van Hiele’s levels of geometric thinking attained by Ghanaian final year (SHS 3) students before leaving School. A quantitative research approach was employed in the study and sample of 200 students randomly selected from the three participated schools. The results showed that 42.5% of the students could not attain any VHG level at all, 33% of the students attained Van Hiele’s level 1, 22.5% reached level 2, 1.5% reached level 3 and only 0.5% reached level 4.The findings indicated that most of the Ghanaian SHS form 3 students do not attain any level of VHGT.

Keywords: Geometric Thinking, Geometry, Van Hiele’s Levels, Visualization, cognitive development

Article Review Status: Published

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