The Geogebra Interactive Software and Senior Secondary School Three (SSS3) Students’ Interest and Achievement in Mathematics


The exploration adopted a descriptive survey design and quasi-experimental designs using a sample size of sixty (60) SSS3 students in a study that lasted four weeks.  A questionnaire tagged “Students’ Interest on Geogebra (SIG)”, and an achievement test was used for data collection.  The Experimental Group (EG) were taught using Geogebra and while the Control Group(CG) had their lesson without Geogebra. One research question and a hypothesis guided the study. The mean was used to answer the research questions while independent sample t-test was used to test the hypothesis.  A mean value of 2.85 above the criterion mean of 2.50 showed that the software increases students’ interest in mathematics. Also, a post-test result showed values (62.20 2.52) and (61.34 2.61) for the EG and CG respectively, hence, the null hypothesis (H0) was rejected as the t-cal (3.394) > t –crit (2.002).  On this premise, a major recommendation was that teachers should not pay lip service to technology integration but ensure that applications that would support learning should always be integrated into their lessons.

Keywords: Interactivity, improve performance, learner-friendly, passion

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