The study examined the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Techiman Municipality of Ghana. We used model with standard incidence to analyze, model and predict the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Techiman Municipality. The model has two equilibrium states: the disease-free equilibrium and the endemic equilibrium states respectively. The stability condition of each equilibrium point is discussed. The basic reproductive number ( ) of HIV/AIDS infection is estimated to be in the Techiman Municipality. Our work shows that the reproductive number of HIV/AIDS infection in the Techiman Municipality is less than 1( ) and therefore concluded that the disease is not epidemic in the municipality as described by the GAC in their study in 2005. We recommend that education on HIV/AIDS in the municipality should be intensified so as to decrease the rate of transmission of HIV in the municipality.

Keywords: Equilibrium points, Mathematical model, Model, Sensitivity Analysis, Stability analysis

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