Post-Partum Hemorrhage in Delta State, Nigeria: A Logistic Approach


Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) is a leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality relating to pregnancy especially in less developed and developing countries, as it accounts for about 44,000 – 60,000 death yearly (WHO 1991). This study is designed to extract the risk factor(s) associated with PPH. A logistic regression analysis was used to develop a model for predicting the likelihood of a patient (mother) developing PPH, significant risk factors associated with PPH were identified and suggestions on ways of reducing PPH occurrence were made. Risk factors such as Type of delivery, professionals who handled the delivery and maternal age were found to be significantly associated with PPH (p < 0.05), while other risk factors; foetal length, birth weight, head circumference, HIV status, parity e.t.c has p-value > 0.05 and hence not significant.

Keywords: Postpartum Hemorrhage; Maternal Morbidity

Article Review Status: Published

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