Work Management in Agricultural Extension: A Treatise For Job Satisfaction


When multiple human organizations interact, productivity and effectiveness losses are inevitable. Mitigating and minimizing these losses is done through implementing and driving a consistent work management process using continuous improvement tools. Work Management includes the integrated processes and procedures that help the organization schedule work more efficiently, meet consumer’s needs, utilize assets and evaluate performance. However, the overall functions of an extension office are of two folds; information management and provision of adequate and suitable work environment, of which Work Management standardizes the entry point of all ‘work’ done within office and organisation.Thus; Work management is the process by which leaders are able to develop a safe, reliable and profitable operational environment while An office is referred to a place or room where clerical duties are carried on. In view of these, this study used available literature to review the followings; Office management in agricultural extension, Work management, six suitable steps of work management, Forms of work management and office management.

Keywords: Work management, office and environment

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