Design and Development of Software Package for the Evaluation of Water Vapour Concentration


A computer software package was designed and developed to evaluate water vapor concentration in the lower atmosphere using Visual basic programming. The package was developed for Garcia Muller model. The water vapor concentration absorbs long wave terrestrial’s radiation and insulating energy transfer through the atmosphere. The performance of the package was excellent when used to evaluate upper air data for Lagos station (Lat 60 32’ E, Longitude 30. 28’ E), Kano station (Lat 120 00N, long 80 31’E), Minana station (Lat 90 39’ N, Long 60, 32’ E) and Maiduguri station (Lat 110 53’ N, Long 130 16’ E). The size of the package is 1.08KB. The results obtained were compared with results gotten from other location and was found to be in agreement. This package will save researchers much time since it can evalvate as many data.

Keywords: Energy transfer, Propagation, Software, Terrestrial radiation, Water vapour

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