Revisiting ICT Adoption Theories and Charting a Progressive Path for Future ICT Adoption Research in SMES


This paper attempts to develop an integrated framework that aims to challenge researchers on a progressive path for future ICT adoption research especially in SMEs. The paper accessed major databases of a number of top IS  journals in the field and reviews previous theories used to study ICT adoption, examine the progress made so far, and the limitations of these theories in an attempt to develop a framework, that aims to challenge  researchers  and  aid further contributions in this IS field. The study developed a framework informed by three theories; Structuration theory (ST), Actors Network Theory (ANT) and Adaptive Structuration theory (AST) and argues that   using such integrated theory to examine the process of ICT adoption will help to unveil the recursive nature, entities involved and the kind of research approach that may be applied. Hence, for research in this area to be progressive, entities in the framework must be considered amidst other influence. The framework also suggests adoption of ICT will be embraced faster by organizations especially small businesses if the entities involved are committed in conveying the right information thereby supporting SMEs in making adequate decisions. This work provides further insight into ICT adoption framework that may advance future research in the field of ICT adoption, assist SMEs in adopting and implementing ICT overtime. This is relevant given that the complexities associated with the adoption of ICT is becoming worrisome and SMEs have limited knowledge on issues relating to emerging ICTs. The framework may motivate SMEs in understanding diverse actors, factors and social structures affecting ICT adoption better and how to cope with them. The framework serves as an analytical instrument in explaining ICT adoption process and its outcomes characterized by conflicting views

Keywords: ANT, AST, Adoption framework, ICT, SMEs, ST


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