Causal Effect of Process Variables on Mathematics Continuous Assessment Practice in Ekiti – State


Educational assessment provides the necessary feedback we require in order to maximise the outcomes of educational efforts. Assessment of learner’s learning provides objectives evidences necessary in the decision- making process in education. It has the potential to enhance mathematics learning and to provide student’s interest in mathematics. However , in order to evaluate the new educational system, one policy that cuts across all educational levels throughout Nigeria is that of continuous assessment which is enquiring not only the thinking process but including behaviours personality traits and manual dexterity through various student’s profile using  variety of assessment instruments in assessing various components of learning. The study investigated the causal effect of process variables on mathematics continuous assessment practice in Ekiti State. The sample for the study consisted of 116 stratified random selected mathematics teachers from 20 randomly selected senior secondary schools in the state. Data collected was through self constructed questionnaire centred on process variables and mathematics continuous assessment (cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. Result shows that the continuous assessment practice in the school system is not representing the learners in his/ her entirety because it is cognitive oriented while affective and psychomotor domains are represented with number rating.     

Keywords: Continuous Assessment, Ekiti State, Mathematics, Process Variables

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