Consumer Perception and Factors Influencing in Adapting of Bottled Water Consumption in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka


The bottled water consumption pattern shows an increasing trend in Batticaloa District for the past decade. Development activities and tourism promotion play an important role in the development of bottled water sales and consumption in the District which is visible in increased number of bottled water distributors and sales points. A survey was conducted to examine the factors influencing the bottled water consumption and how they influence in the consumers’ preference in selected DS divisions of Batticaloa District. The study also aims to find the significant relationship of consumption behavior spatially. The analysis of the responses shows that some of demographic and marketing factors are significantly associated with the consumption pattern and provide a significant contribution to the consumer perception towards bottled water. The consumption pattern also shows a strong relationship with the geographical locations in the District.

Keywords: Bottled water, Consumers, Perception, Spatial, consumption pattern

Article Review Status: Published

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