The Perceptions and Attitudes of Students towards Lecturers at a Ghanaian Public University


This study sought to determine how students perceive their lecturers and their attitudes towards same at a university in Ghana. The study adopted descriptive survey approach which utilized both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Data were gathered from students from twelve academic departments in four selected colleges of the University. A simple random sample of 652 students participated in the study. A closed-ended questionnaire was used to collect quantitative data which were analysed with the aid of SPSS version20. Qualitative data were gathered using interview which were analysed using content analysis methods presented through verbatim quotations of the respondents. The study found that respondents evaluated lecturers as strong in areas that include knowledge of subject; use good examples; stick to the syllabus; examples related to covered areas; and respect for, and interest in students but weak in teaching study techniques; providing interesting and meaningful learning activities; providing prompt and effective feedback; examinations allowing students to express their knowledge freely; and sharing personal experiences were rated poorly by the respondents. The results further show that students had positive attitudes towards lecturers by regarding them as role models in this study. It is, therefore, concluded that while there were strengths in lecturer’s attributes in the university, there were also weakness. Recommendations were made to improve effectiveness of students-lecturers interaction

Keywords: Attitudes, Credibility, Lecturers’ Knowledge, Students’ Perception

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