Aristotle and Farabi’s viewpoint about Plato’s theory of Idea


Idea theory is the most important part of Plato’s theory, since it is predominant on all part of his philosophy, knowledge, and morality or even politic. Plato’s viewpoint is the base and basic of many philosopher and philosophy historian’s view. Aristotle as the best and nearest Plato’s student found and a presented a different way than his teacher, in spite of his respect to Plato, this knowledge separated his way from his teacher. According to Aristotle, there is no other world than sensible word and there is no externally world of general. However, general beings are just human mind created and this is human mind, which creates general. Aristotle does not accept existence of self before body, therefore he rejects Plato’s view who said science and knowledge is remind. However, Farabi tried to show that Plato and Aristotle’s different viewpoint had the same direction. Since he believes that philosophies are the same and these differences are just in surface. Author of this article tries to analysis Aristotle and Farabi’s viewpoint and show their general structure.

Keywords: Aristotle, Farabi., Idea, Knowledge, Plato, Sensible

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