Teaching profession is a noble profession in which its mistakes can either lead to development or destruction of a nation. Teaching with its own ethical peculiarity; it is a human activity which begins from the parent’s involvement in guiding and directing the child towards attainment of some defined experiences. Teacher therefore is seen at the centre of character formation of the child; hence, the role of teacher in school is very germane. Ethics of teaching profession therefore is moral value, standard that a teacher demonstrates in his/her teaching to inculcate in a child the quality of a good citizen. In the light of this, the study therefore examined teaching professionalism, ethic of teaching profession, the need for ethics in teaching profession were also highlighted. The paper employed methods of philosophical analysis to examine certain ethical issues for codes of behaviour expected of a College of Education teacher. Finally, recommendations were made to ensure strict adherence to ethics of teaching profession in Colleges of Education

Keywords: Adherence, Ethics, Re-emphasizing, Teaching Profession

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