The Usage of the Concept Happiness Is Enhanced by a Mathematic Formula That Includes Seven Variables


It is well-known that defining happiness is complicated. However, there are some elements that can be perceived according to the following: 1) The strength of the feelings of satisfaction within the time unit (hour, day, month, year). 2) The amount of the feelings of satisfaction within the time unit. 3) The amount of experienced satisfaction and dignity. 4) The amount or strength of the feelings of delusional satisfaction. 5) The strength of the bad feeling within a time unit. 6) The amount of bad feelings within a time unit. 7) The amount of ease, sieving threats, indifference et cetera. In this presentation these will be formed into a mathematic formula which ability to be utilized in different happiness projects will be examined.

Keywords: 7x4-Field, Definition of Well-Being, Happiness

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